FFA DSP series Amplifiers

FFA Generation 2 DSP 4 channel amplifiers feature powerful digital signal processing (DSP). The DSP controlled amplifier provides a cost effective solution for sound system design and can be used for installation or temporary sound systems or any high quality amplified audio requirement. The system is controlled by software called FATWARE. The software is intuitive to use and offer […]

FFA Touring/Installation series

Introducing Full Fat Audio Spain’s MultiMode Amplifiers: Power, Versatility, and Reliability At Full Fat Audio Spain, we pride ourselves on delivering cutting-edge audio solutions that meet the demands of today’s dynamic sound environments. Our latest offering, the MultiMode Amplifiers series, is no exception. Engineered for maximum power delivery and versatility, these amplifiers are the cornerstone […]

Home Cinema with the FFA-2004 HD and FFA-8004 HD: Elevating Cinema Sound to New Heights

Experience cinema sound like never before with the latest offerings from Full Fat Audio Spain – the FFA-2004 HD and FFA-8004 HD high-performance four-channel power amplifiers. Engineered to perfection, these amplifiers are tailor-made for premium cinema sound systems, promising an immersive audio experience that transcends expectations. At the heart of these amplifiers lie rugged, high-current […]