Home Cinema with the FFA-2004 HD and FFA-8004 HD: Elevating Cinema Sound to New Heights

Experience cinema sound like never before with the latest offerings from Full Fat Audio Spain – the FFA-2004 HD and FFA-8004 HD high-performance four-channel power amplifiers. Engineered to perfection, these amplifiers are tailor-made for premium cinema sound systems, promising an immersive audio experience that transcends expectations.

At the heart of these amplifiers lie rugged, high-current power supplies, finely tuned to capture even the subtlest musical notes and audio special effects. Built to the same exacting standards as FFA’s professional live sound and night venue products, the FFA-2004 HD sets itself apart with a groundbreaking silent cooling system, ensuring seamless operation even in environments where equipment noise would typically be a concern.

Powered by advanced class D technology, these amplifiers boast unparalleled efficiency, running cool and consuming less mains supply power without compromising on performance. The precision analogue circuits guarantee a stable sound stage with an exceptional signal-to-noise ratio, delivering a truly immersive and natural sound experience that enhances every cinematic performance.

Crafted with precision in England and backed by a generous 6-year warranty, the FFA-2004 HD and FFA-8004 HD represent the pinnacle of audio engineering, setting a new standard for cinema sound amplification. Elevate your cinematic experience with Full Fat Audio Spain’s latest innovations.


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